Autumn Leaves (Cover)

Spain (Cover)

Famous Last Words (Cover)



The Show



Kevin Riady (vocal), Jesse Ferlazzo (lead guitar), Brandon Barbie (rhythm guitar), Andy Jarritt (keys), Julian Moll (bass), Gandhi Manohara (drums), Sam Deshayes (saxophone), Ethan Rault (backing vocal), Connor Knight (backing vocal).

Hello! Well, it has been tough. I was wondering if today is going to happen or not. But I am so glad that today happens. And you are here! What's the point of me singing if no one's watching :). I hope you enjoy my final recital and let's chat a bit after. 

Anyway, thanks for coming and it's been a blast knowing you!  

xo, Kevin.

Reality (by Brandon Phan) It was written by my fellow AIMer, Brandon Phan, a film scorer. We spent much time performing together before COVID happened. Sadly, he couldn’t come back to Melbourne to play this one with me. I picked this song as we shared much background. This song is about a young boy questioning his faith as he struggles with his identity while keeping up with his family's wishes.

Autumn Leaves (by Joseph Kosma, Cannonball Adderley, Anita Wardell) Autumn has always been my favourite season of the year. I love it when the leaves are falling, symbolising the end of things. I love the feeling of autumn. It is when all the bad things come to an end and lead me to a new and better beginning. Plus, I get to showcase the vocalese that I learned with Anita herself.

Spain (by Chick Corea, Al Jarreau) Sometimes, I use memories to help me survive hardships. Spain is one of those songs that reminisce about the good old days. And it was the song that got me into jazz. Thanks to Chick and Al Jarreau, I now get to skee dee bee bap boop!

Famous Last Words (by G. Way, J. Way, F. Iero, R. Bryar, R.Toro) While reminiscing on the past can make us happy; we must take a step forward. Life is about moving on. I always believe that life will always lead us to a better truth. It is a constant journey of self-discovery. It can be a lonely path, but as Gerard said,” I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.”

Home (by Kevin Riady) I wrote Home (and not a love song) a couple of years back after I lived and travelled around the world, which became the start of my journey in self-discovery. I always knew that I never fit in back in my hometown. No one understood me. And I was hoping that one day somewhere somehow, I could find whatever makes me feel like I belong in this world.

Marco (by Kevin Riady) On the surface, this song talks about my experience in France. I had a great time during my short time in Lyon. But underneath that, this song speaks about one of my vieux hardships, every time I had a crush on my same-sex friend back when I was not out.

The Show (by Kevin Riady) Home, not a love song, Marco, and The Show are a 4-part sonata inspired by César Franck “Violin Sonata in A Major”. I used to be a flautist until I dislocated my jaw due to psychological distress. Anyway, this song is about my frustration living in Indonesia. I grew up mainly alone and it was not a liveable place for someone like me, yet there was nothing I could do. I always wonder what kept me going and trying. I guess it is because I was never afraid to try; I was never to be vulnerable. Yes, I made many mistakes. But if I survive? I hope I can only learn from them.


I would like to pay my respect to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and their elders past, present and emerging. I would like to extend my respect to all Indigenous people who are here with us today, both physically and spiritually, and their ongoing practice of culture.