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Kevin Riady

Jakarta born singer-songwriter and actor based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

His songwriting skills come naturally prior to his dedication in honing his music skills. He is inspired by the artists he listened to during his childhood such as Five For Fighting, My Chemical Romance, BoA, and Chet Baker. Although, some has mentioned that he has a similar sound to Damien Rice.

2021 marked Kevin Riady's entrance into the music scene as he made his onstage debut at iconic venue Some Velvet Morning to a sold out crowd. His previous single, 'Not a Love Song' was featured on Spotify Asia's "Fresh Finds," whilst his debut single, 'Home' has now reached over 13k streams. 

The rest of 2021 will see a release of his debut EP and his first performance accompanied by a full band.

Listen to his latest release "Marco" on your favorite streaming platform!

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